My name is Pacino, I am the owner of La Zona Entertainment. I've been producing solo girl websites since 2004, many of which have been very successful. Karla Spice, Selena Spice, Gigi Spice, and La Zona Modelos to name a few. My production team and I believe in quality over quantity. Working in Adult Entertainment is interesting to say the least and I hope to share with you some of my adventures in this blog. I love creating something from nothing... turning the girl next door into a sex symbol. That's what I do best!

Its no secret… I love shooting outdoors.  Everything seems more exciting and natural.  There is nothing I hate more than shooting in a tight bathroom or bedroom with white walls.  I will do it only if I have no other option but 95% of the time you will find my team and I outdoors!

Another thing that isn’t a secret is I love girls with a nice booty but than again who doesn’t.  No flat ass for me please! lol  Speaking of which.  A new model I discovered here in Las Vegas has enough booty to last for days and days.  Her name is Marissa Walker and this is the first time ever she is getting down and dirty on the internet.   Marissa is a sexy west coast babe who loves to workout and its quite obvious by that tight ass body.  My first time meeting with Marissa I could tell she was a cool chick who was basically down for anything.  She isn’t shy and couldn’t wait to showoff that incredible body. Below are a few pictures of Marissa but to see more visit Pacino’s Adventures

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I’ve probably met and worked with 1000’s of models over the years.  Every girl has their own unique style and personality.  Some are very cool to work with but some are just a pain in the ass!  I know what your thinking how can working with a beautiful girl not be a good thing… Well normally I would agree with you but until you walk in my shoes, its hard to understand.  Lets just say most models are very cool and easy to work with.

Speaking of cool ones… Madison Lain in one of them!  The first time I met Madison was in Las Vegas.  It was her first trip here and it was cool to watch those pretty eyes look around Vegas in amazement.  Now the entire world gets to see those same eyes  and hot body on

What I love about Madison is she is very real, she doesn’t pretend to be someone else.  She doesn’t put on an act in life and this also translates into her website.  What you see is what you get with Madison… When Madison is happy you know.  When Madison is horny you know.  When Madison is angry… Believe me you will know!  So its always smart to stay on Madison’s good side. 😉 But kidding aside Miss Lain is super cool and working with her is always exciting.  Her fans/members love her and she loves them back.

Check out Madison’s trailer here and you’ll see just how adorable she really is!


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Pacino’s Adventures scored another 100% all natural first timer and I’m very happy to share this beauty with all of you! Her name is Keira Parker and man let me tell you.. she is the real deal. The kind of girl we all wish we had. Not only does she have an adorable face but her body is off the hook for a petite girl. All natural perky tits which she told me she loves to touch and show off! But it doesn’t stop there. This girl is really horny… like I mean its not an act. She loves to masturbate and I was just so happy to witness her first time ever doing this on camera!

Who says that a college girl must spend all her time studying! That shit can wait because we have more important things to do and that’s film all natural beauties masturbating on camera! lol This new college student feels the same way.  The complete photo and video set can be found only right here…

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When I first met Ivy Snow in 2010 I thought she was very pretty and had alot of potential as a model.  I remember seeing her tatoos and thinking how much they looked more like art than just tatoos.  Normally tatoos don’t do it for me but after meeting and working with Ivy many times… My mind was changed!

Ivy has a girl next door look for sure with a great natural body but I like how she has grown since our first photoshoot together.  I’ve witnessed her getting more beautiful since that first shoot and I wanted to share one of her lastest shoots where she looks great!  It has a vintage pin-up style to it.. which by the way I love!  I have a soft spot for anything vintage and there is nothing more hot than a beautiful girl protrayed in this pin-up style.  Enjoy this preview of Ivy snow and if you want to see more visit

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Our cutie Elise Perez is back for more!  She just can’t enough of playing with the latina pussy and we certainly won’t stop her from doing so.  Today she arrived in a very good mood wearing some cute denim shorts and a yellow shirt.  She also brought a surprise in her bag which she whipped out to show me.  I smiled at her and thought lets get this party started!  She looked extra horny today which is great for us. So I sat back and recorded every moment of her fucking the shit out of that pussy.  Here are a few preview pictures… The entire video along with high quality pictures can be found at

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This is something alot of people have been waiting for and finally we have two of the hottest solo girls on the internet doing alot of naughty things together!   Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow together is a must see for anyone who are fans of either hottie… Here are some preview pictures.  Sign up today at to see just how hot things get.


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Introducing Lucy Ohara Adult Model and Camgirl!

We are very excited to have Lucy Ohara part of the Pacino Network family. Lucy, along with our production team, has worked hard to create hot 100% exclusive content. This natural red head is very involved in her solo site, everything from social networking to Live Cam shows twice a week for her members, so there is a lot of interaction! This is great news for all you fans out there! All her content is high quality but we also mix it up with some self shot amateur style content and webcam so there is something for everyone.

Lucy is also great for people with fetish likes because she loves to switch it up and give something to feet fetish, fetish machine toys, sissy fetish fans and more. She can play that sweet girl next door or something naughtier. She is also very creative and loves to make custom sets for her members!

Download Lucy Ohara’s Trailer!

Check out these got galleries!!

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Video Gallery 1

Video Gallery 2

Mixed Gallery

Mixed Gallery 2

Visit Lucy Ohara!

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I have been holding onto this news for awhile but I didn’t want to talk about something until it was signed, sealed and delivered. As some of you might have heard Gisele has joined my team and will be part of my affiliate program Pacino Cash… She is very excited as are we. I have also been producing a lot of the new content along with Brian Bourget for Gisele’s new solo site.. You can expect only a top notch production. I can tell you Gisele is looking the best she ever has in this new content and without a doubt her fans will love it!!

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I will admit that I’ve been slacking in the blog department… What is my reason? Well I have been working my ass off trying to find new talent which I must tell you isn’t easy. For every 100 girls in a casting I probably turn 95 away.. lol but hey its better to be selective than to just shoot anyone.. I think most of you would agree with that sentiment. Anyway I’m going to do my best to blog more and keep you updated on my talent searches and productions. I have a lot of new and exciting things coming up for the remainder of 2012 so keep checking back here for updates. Today I’m gonna share some new content I produced along with my good friend Brian Bourget. There is never a dull moment that’s for sure…. Enjoy!

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